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What is a Slimline Card?

Hi there! If you have been a card maker for a while you may have heard of a Slimline card, but have you ever wondered what it is?

I created this video to explain more about a Slimline card and what it is. I also discuss some products that are available at The Stamps of Life including the newest Slimline Product: the Collage Slimline Drop in.

Slimline Products from The Stamps of Life:

Slimline Card Die Set (Squared corner)

Rounded Slimline Card Die Set

Floral Slimline Panel

Collage Slimline Drop in 

Triple Circle Drop In 

Stitched Square Slimline Drop In 

Snowflake Slimline Panel 

Mismatched Triple Square Slimline Drop in

Additional supplies:

Pudgie Penguin and Polar Bear 


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  1. Caroline

    Thank you for the slimline measurements. I make my own bases because I do not have a larger machine (and have so much cardstock!). Now I can purchase the drop in dies with no worries.

  2. Prisspot27

    Great! Thanks so much!

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