PTI Make it Monday #275 Stamped Dangles


Just wanted to share the card I made for the PTI Make It Monday #275 Stamped Dangles.

Check out Amy’s blog to see more on this challenge and the other work she does.

I pulled out an older die, Phrase Play #3 and die cut Hello out of blue card stock.

I glue that piece down to a white base and began stamping the dangles. I chose several shapes from 3 different sets in an assortment of colors.

After drawing them I added some lines to make them “dangle” from the Hello.

I had some patterned paper left out from another challenge so I die cut an arrow in blue and added a strip on the bottom and the left edge.

I went back and drew black lines around Hello. It does make it pop of the page!

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  1. Joyce

    Love your little dangles. I can't wait to try this technique.

  2. Melanie MacKenzie

    What a happy card. The ribbon is a nice touch and your little dangles are just great. Cheers.

  3. lainey

    What a cheery looking card with a cute selection of dangles!

  4. Sadie

    Such a cute and cheerful card! I like the music notes in among your dangles. That yellow ribbon is a nice added touch.

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